Science Project Holiday Gifts – Fizzy Bath Bombs

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    In this video series, Mary Porter Green demonstrates how to make Fizzy Bath Bombs for the Holidays.

    Mary Porter Green: Hi! I am Mary Porter Green from Curiosity Zone. Today we are doing really cool science experiments that you can do at home in your kitchen with your kids, that actually make great holiday gifts. For our next experiment, we are going to make bath bombs and these are such a cool fun experiment, kids love these. And basically, we are going to make something that you just smush up in your hands, dries out and when you drop it in your bath, it fizzes and it distributes this wonderful scent and some oils to make your skin wonderful and soft and they are so super, super easy to make. So you guys ready to get started? Male Speaker: Yup. Mary Porter Green: Alright! For this experiment, we need one cup of baking soda, a half-a-cup of light oil. We are using baby oil today but you can use any kind of oil that you have in your cupboard including corn oil frankly. I know that sounds gross but it works. You are going to need a cup of citric acid that can be kind of hard to come by but they do often have it in the grocery store in the canning section or you can always buy it online. You are going to need half-a-cup of cornstarch and you are going to need something to make your bath bomb smell great. Today we are using peppermint extract which you can get in the baking section or you can use any kind of an essential oil and then finally you need whatever color that you want to make your bath bombs. Today, we are going to be using a green food coloring to make them look like minty-green bath bombs. So to get started, pour your one cup of baking soda, you are basically just going to combine all your solids first. So one cup of baking soda, one cup of citric acid, half-a-cup of cornstarch, then we are going to take our baby oil and we are going to add the coloring that we want to use, so we are using green food coloring today to make our minty fresh bath bombs. It actually is going to cool the way, it doesn't -- it forms a little globules in the oil. There is always something interesting to be learned when you make these little science projects. Then finally we are going to add some of our extract to make it smell fabulous. You just do it to smell and that was probably about a teaspoon of oil. We are going to stir this up and then we are going to add this to our mix, looks almost like icing and we are going to stir and make sure you stir this with the spoon because you wouldn't want to get this food coloring on your hands until it gets all soaked into the solids and then you can play with your hands. So we are going to mix and mix and mix until this becomes a crumbly, crumbly but squishy mixture. Basically, what we are doing here is mixing up an acid and a base together in a mixture. Now, normally an acid and a base will react, because they try to neutralize each other. But when you put them together in this kind of format, you need to put them in a solution before they actually start to interact with each other. That's actually how Alka-Seltzer tablets work. You drop them into water and the water begins to dissolve the ingredients, and the ingredients then start to react and create those bubbles and the bubbles are actually the carbon dioxide gas which is the gas that we all breathe out. So that's basically, what we have created here. It's kind of an acid and base paste and probably most of you know how to do an acid and base volcano in your kitchen, right mixing up some vinegar and some baking soda and maybe a little bit of soap and some food coloring and you can blow up all kinds of cool volcanoes. This is like that except you are making a little paste ball that's going to dry out and then when you put it in water, it's going to bubble. So let me give you guys some of this mixture in your bowl, so that you can start making a giant bath bomb. It feels pretty neat, doesn't it? Now there are couple of different ways you can actually make your bath bombs. One way that we've done it is just smush it into a ball which is the simplest way of all of course. Another way we've done it is to do kind of a fancy thing by making it different colors and then you smush it into -- we used a petri dish, you could use any sort of lid that you have in your kitchen and then make it into - press it into a circle and then you can wrap it once you've finished. Then make it look like a little candy and actually it smells like a little peppermint. And basically once it's dried and you want to leave it on the counter to dry, for maybe 2-3 hours, overnight is even better. And then the next morning, you should be able to pop it out and it looks just like a solid bath bomb. So many different ways you can do this. You can also smush it into a cookie cutter and let it take form that way. But what we are going to do with these guys is we are actually going to make a ball around a little toy and that way when the bath bomb goes off in the tub, it leaves behind a cool toy, so what you want to do Tyler actually is take this, smush it all around the toy, so the toy is hidden inside. See how that works. And then when we dropped it into water, once it dries out, we are going to drop it in water and out it's going to pop your ducky, isn't that cool? The other cool thing that you can do with this material is you can add the crumbles to a little bit of Epsom salts and when you do that, you create a wonderful bath fizzy bath salts. And you mix this all up, nice and crumble with your hands and what we did is recycle some old sandwich bags. We just chopped off the zip lock top and then we wrapped up the bath salts and we put a little white ribbon on the top and Voil! You have a simple, elegant and very inexpensive and fun to make Christmas present. For our next experiment we are going to make some holiday sidewalk chalk.