Science Projects for Kids

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Marry Porter from Curiosity Zone discusses various science projects for kids.

    Mary Porter: Hi I am Marry Porter from Curiosity Zone. Today we are going to be doing really fun, simple hands-on science experiments that you can do at home with your kids, or in your classroom with kids, that teach them the principles of energy and how we can use energy to make things move. Alright, now with me today on my assistants Jordan and Jackson, and together we are going to built some really cool experiments. The first one we are going to do is a Flow & Go Boat that uses water to make things move. Then we are going to make a squidy and Mr. squidy is going to float to the water using the power that's going to come out of the air, that's going to blast through the bottom. Then we are going to use the same principle to make a Howercraft. It will go floating across the table. Then we are going to make a Rocket Pinwheel, that's going to use air to spin round and round and round. Then we are going to make a Gasometer that uses a chemical reaction to blow up a balloon and then we are going to use the same idea, the chemical reaction that creates a gas to blast off a rocket.

    I am going to be going over the materials with each experiment as we do them. But at the Curiosity Zone where we have come up these experiments, we always use materials that are easy to find, that most people have in their homes, or their classrooms, and that are completely safe for kids. A word about safety for these experiments. We are going to be doing some blasting off, because we are studying motion and so it doesn't hurt to have a pair of goggles around for the kids to put on, to protect their eyes. And also some of these experiments we will fire a hot glue gun. And a hot glue can be pretty hurtful on your little fingers. So make sure that there is an adult around who is helping to do the hot glue and that the kids don't touch the hot glue while we using.

    So before we get started, let me tell you little bit more about Curiosity Zone. We are a hands-on science center for young kids. We start at age two and go through age eleven, we have classes and birthday parties and summer camps and group events. And it's all about getting kids to wonder about their world and then think abut things and they will be curious about how things work and lay those very earliest foundations in science. So with that let's get started.