Scientists Identify New Dino

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Paleontologists have discovered a distant, older cousin to the Tyrannosaurus Rex, that was also a ferocious predator.

    Paleontologists had a monumental find this week—a new super-predator dinosaur in south-central Utah.  And this new dino has bad blood in the family.  It’s a distant, older cousin to the larger T-Rex.  Living about 80 million years ago, this carnivorous dinosaur was the largest predator of its day.  It had a short and narrow snout with forward slanting eyes and a head full of sharp teeth.  What made it even more lethal is the fact that is possessed binocular-style vision.  Guess there was no running from him.  The fossils were actually discovered four years ago but have been under intense study since then so scientists could get to know more about this ferocious predator.