Scrapbook – How to Choose Your Patterned Paper

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional scrapbooker Suzanne McCeney discusses how to choose your patterned paper.

    Suzanne McCeney

    Suzanne McCeney has been with ScrapbooksPlus since it opened in 2000. As a CK certified instructor, She specializes in teaching beginning through advanced traditional scrapbooking techniques. Her love of scrapbooking began in 1995 when she inherited family photos and had to learn how to preserve them for generations to come. Suzanne soon mastered the art of preserving these treasured memories with archivally safe methods and supplies. During the past decade, scrapbooking has taken on a significant following and Suzanne constantly tests new products and techniques that are on the market. She teaches classes and techniques that can help you correctly preserve your memories. Suzanne is also a creative consultant in the store and is up to date on all the latest tools and techniques that are available to the public. Keeping memories alive for future generations is her goal.

    Hi, I am Suzanne McCeney and I am here at ScrapbooksPlus in Chantilly, Virginia, today we are teaching you how to scrapbook. Now we are going to discuss how to choose pattern paper. It has become very easy now to choose your paper because they come in series, like this series here. It shows you which patterns go together. You can even flip them over and its two-sided, so you can use solid colors on the back. When you are mounting your photo you want to make sure that the photo does not bleed or blend into the background of pattern paper. So, what we do is we mat around the picture. We also try to choose colors that will compliment your photographs. Here we have chosen the blues and the greens of the childrens bathing suits in the water. Remember that your cool colors and your hot colors evoke an emotion, so your cool colors are more calming, your hot colors are a more exciting layout. Here we have -- remember, when you are doing a layout and you are using pattern paper, we have a large with a light background paper next to a smaller pattern paper with a darker background. It just takes a little touch of these pattern papers so that it doesnt become too busy and take away from your photographs. Notice around each picture, they are matted around to distinguish the picture between the background of your pattern paper. We talked about evoking a theme. This layout has chosen the theme of 4th of July. You can tell it's the 4th of July or some kind of Memorial Day because of the red, white and blue. Everybody has red, white and blue in the photographs, so they have enhanced the photographs by putting the red, white and blue background. Remember that when you have a photograph that is your focal point, it's usually double matted, so here we have used two pieces of paper to enhance or draw your attention to that photograph. Here is another layout that uses just pattern paper. Again, a darker, smaller print with a lighter larger print. Notice again, around each picture we have distinguished from the background, focal point, double matted. Now I am going to show you how to crop a photograph.