Scrapbook – How to Crop a Photograph

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional scrapbooker Suzanne McCeney demonstrates how to crop a photograph for your scrapbook.

    Suzanne McCeney

    Suzanne McCeney has been with ScrapbooksPlus since it opened in 2000. As a CK certified instructor, She specializes in teaching beginning through advanced traditional scrapbooking techniques. Her love of scrapbooking began in 1995 when she inherited family photos and had to learn how to preserve them for generations to come. Suzanne soon mastered the art of preserving these treasured memories with archivally safe methods and supplies. During the past decade, scrapbooking has taken on a significant following and Suzanne constantly tests new products and techniques that are on the market. She teaches classes and techniques that can help you correctly preserve your memories. Suzanne is also a creative consultant in the store and is up to date on all the latest tools and techniques that are available to the public. Keeping memories alive for future generations is her goal.

    Hi, I am Suzanne McCeney and I am here at ScrapbooksPlus in Chantilly, Virginia, today we are teaching you how to scrapbook. I am going to teach you now how to crop a photo. Cropping a photo means cutting it into the desired shape that you would like and cutting off any excess. First of all you use your paper trimmer and you butt it up against the end, and you just slide your blade and this will trim your picture. This is used for your squares and for your rectangles. The four basic shapes in doing a photograph are usually squares, rectangles, ovals and circles. Next I am going to show you how to crop a picture in a circle. If you notice, this photograph has a lot of blue water backgrounds. So, in order to get rid of some of this blue and focus more on the people, I am going to trim it into a circle and cut out some of that excess. This product comes with a blade and a plastic template and this mat, and all you do is stick your knife into the photograph. This is very easy to see because this lays right over and you know exactly which hole to stick it in to the size that you prefer. You just cut around, and now we have your photograph. You would take your scissors and just snip the edges here to take the photograph out, and now we have a circle. This comes in many sizes. Also, you can crop a picture very easily with a corner rounder. This would just give it a different edge on each corner. Now we are going to teach you how to mat a photograph.