Scrapbook – How to Journal

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional scrapbooker Suzanne McCeney demonstrates how to journal for your scrapbook.

    Suzanne McCeney

    Suzanne McCeney has been with ScrapbooksPlus since it opened in 2000. As a CK certified instructor, She specializes in teaching beginning through advanced traditional scrapbooking techniques. Her love of scrapbooking began in 1995 when she inherited family photos and had to learn how to preserve them for generations to come. Suzanne soon mastered the art of preserving these treasured memories with archivally safe methods and supplies. During the past decade, scrapbooking has taken on a significant following and Suzanne constantly tests new products and techniques that are on the market. She teaches classes and techniques that can help you correctly preserve your memories. Suzanne is also a creative consultant in the store and is up to date on all the latest tools and techniques that are available to the public. Keeping memories alive for future generations is her goal.

    Hi, I am Suzanne McCeney and I am here at ScrapbooksPlus in Chantilly, Virginia, and we are teaching you how to scrapbook. Now I will show you how to journal on your scrapbook page. First we want to remember that when we journal in our scrapbook, we want to use full name somewhere in the scrapbook. Also, a maiden name can be useful to future generations when theyre looking at your scrapbook. We want anyone to be able to pick up the book and know who the pictures are about or who the entire book is about. There are several different ways that you can journal. You can use a computer now, you can use scrapbook acid-free paper and put it in your computer, and printout on it and add it to your page. Also, we want to make sure that you include somewhere in the scrapbook your handwriting for future generations to look at. We want to make sure that when you -- its not just the who, what, when and where, when you are writing in your scrapbook, we want you to also show some emotions and feelings of the event. One good way is to write a letter, maybe a newborn baby or a graduate. Use your handwriting and evoke the feelings and emotions of that event. Also, you can use a journaling tag. These were done with pieces of paper. This is a journaling tag. You could also put this in the computer on a full piece of paper and then cut it down to your size. If you dont like your handwriting, there is also a way that you can hide it by putting it in a pocket. So, you would just make a pocket, adhere it, and then this tag can be pulled out with your journaling. Next we are going to show you how to add embellishments to your page.