Screen Window Repair

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Eric Huber of Blaine Window Repair demonstrates how to replace the screen in a window.
    Eric Huber: Hi, I am Eric Huber with Blaine Window Repair Service. Today, we are doing window repair. Now I am going to show you screening rewire.A screen is usually held in with a rubber spline. To get that out, you take a screwdriver and remove one end of the spline and you can just take and pull it to rest of the way around. Once you have the spline out, now you can remove the old screen wire. Once the old wire is out, now we are ready to replace it.There are many different types of screen that can be used. You have the aluminum screen wire. They have a solar reflective wire now that would help keep some of the sun out. There is a copper wire and a heavier mesh of pet screening which would help with in the padding of your door screen, help if you have a cat or a dog that you want to call to come in, this would help from tearing so easily. Once you have the right screen, take and roll it over your screen frame. You need to leave it overlapped on the edges about an inch or two. Then we can put the spline back in. To do that, you start to spline at one corner of the screen and push it down into the screen groove. Once the spline has started, now we are ready to roll it back in. We take a screen roller, hold one end of the spline up to the opposite end which you are starting from and roll it in. Once you get to a corner, make the corner and you want to push it back in again just like from the start. Once it's pushed in, again hold to the opposite end what you were restoring from and roll it in. Then we will come back down to the final edge. Once your spline is in, double check your corners, make sure the spline is pushed in tight. Now we are ready to trim off the excess wire. Taking the utility knife; lay your razor blade on the outside edge of the spline and trim the excess wire. After all four corners are trimmed then you have new screening. That's how you rewire screen. Now, we are going to show you storm window replacement.