Sculpt, Stretch, and Sweat With Buti: It’s Yoga That Boogies

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Get ready to shake your moneymaker like you never have before with this 10-minute Buti workout. A hybrid of dance and yoga, this increasingly popular Crunch class mixes traditional yoga poses with pulsing and gyrating moves to tone your entire body while raising your heart rate. It’s fast-paced, fun, fierce, and feminine. And might even make you blush a little. Press play and get ready to sweat.

    Anna Renderer: If you haven't tried Buti yet, it's the hottest new workout. Join us for this 10-minute intro with Bizzie Gold, the Founder of Buti Fitness, for this full body workout that combines yoga, dance and plyometrics.

    Bizzie Gold: Welcome to Buti workout! I have taken my 60-minute workout and put together a 10-minute class that gives you a little taste of everything we have to offer. We are going to be doing this workout together, they have never done it before so let's all modify this together as we need you to get through our 10-minute workout.

    We are going to start in half lotus position, right foot on top of the left hip crease, and now lift the chest nice and tall, exhale round the back, hold, and help push the chest forward, exhale round the back, take it front to back, single count, take the arms up, keep breathing, keep driving that breath into the belly, squeeze the core nice and tight, 3, 2, 1, circle it left.

    Female Speaker: I like this through my obliques.

    Bizzie Gold: Oh yeah.

    Female Speaker: This is good.

    Bizzie Gold: Keep squeezing, make sure you are focusing all that energy right underneath the sternum, hands to the knees move into the stomach, this is great for that trunk, toning out the sides and it gives everybody really nice back muscles that really cause my back to backpack. Take it front to back, push that chest out, and lift the chest nice and tall and so arms come up, forward fold, leap with the chest, arms come back anyhow lift it up, we are going to take this right foot off, now cross the ankles, shift that weight forward to our hands, step as a plank, here comes the fun part, are you ready girls?

    Female Speaker: Okay, I am ready.

    Bizzie Gold: And raise the core, circle the hips.

    Female Speaker: This is tough.

    Bizzie Gold: It is tough and now we are doing the hands down squeezing with the core, knees come up, two more.

    Female Speaker: I like this with the beat too, it's fun.

    Female Speaker: This is fun.

    Bizzie Gold: Keep breathing, press those heels into the floor and make sure you are rolling back to the shoulder blades. So now germane back to our cross-leg position, this time left foot is coming up on top of the hip crease, lift the chest nice and tall, begin now, exhale forward fold and now roll it up, hands to the knees, ready?

    Female Speaker: Ready!

    Bizzie Gold: Shift front to back, arms come up, circle to the right, two more, take it into reverse first, the finger tips are coming behind the shoulder blades, really drive those elbows together, lift the chin.

    Female Speaker: Good stretch.

    Female Speaker: Oh, this is good.

    Bizzie Gold: And release, let's cross the ankles once again, stepping back to plank so this time we are sinking it all the way down into our four-limbed staff position, challenge yourselves, flop that Buti straight up, hold those shoulder blades together, beautiful, up dog lift, the hips, take it left to right. Downward dog, press those heels down, come a bit forward to a wide squat position, heels in, beautiful; lift the chest, we are going to ready engage 2 inches, take it left to right. Female Speaker: Oh, this is great.

    Female Speaker: The way we just want to get low on the dance floor, this is what you do.

    Bizzie Gold: Arms up, keep going, and the cardio is high because we are moving.

    Female Speaker: Yeah, it feels really good.

    Bizzie Gold: Arms straight back, circle to the left, lift up that Buti, engage your core, this is burning the quads, 3.

    Female Speaker: Oh yeah. Bizzie Gold: Two, one forward fold, grab those ankles, try to pull the spine straight.

    Female Speaker: And I need that flexibility too.

    Female Speaker: It really stretches you out.

    Bizzie Gold: It's really nice you get the flexibility and the strength and conditioning at the same time, it really builds nice long lean muscles, let's hold it in trikonasana, take a big breath in your trikonasana, look up to that left palm, engage the left oblique, we are coming straight up with the arms, just like arms, we are doing a tug of war, is that working for everybody.

    Female Speaker: Oh yeah.

    Bizzie Gold: Make sure you are opening up that left shoulder while you are doing that extensive outwork up and down.

    Female Speaker: All through the obliques.

    Bizzie Gold: Take it all the way back, begin now, open it up, exhale, come forward. Let's hold it to the back for two breaths, let's bring that right arm all the way round to the floor, hands come down.

    So here I am going to show you a little bit slower. You can drop the right knee down to the center, half to the center and then to the left. Let's speed it up. Make sure driving that tailbone up, weight should be in the hands, working on shoulders, double knee, let's go. Single knees, don't hop, let's go.

    Female Speaker: I feel this is all through the core in legs.

    Bizzie Gold: Forward fold, take a breath. One more, stepping back to our wide stance plank, jump those knees into midline, take it low, challenge yourself, inhale cobra, if you can't do a push up you come down to your knees and modify, down dog, straight those left toes up, drop the foot to the side, open up the hip, step it through to high lunge, look up toward that left palm.

    So here we are keeping our back right knee straight, shifting the weight front to back, let's go. 3, 2, 1, circle the left hip, lift it up.

    Female Speaker: It really opens up the hips with that circle.

    Bizzie Gold: And as long as you are continuing to look up for that left palm you are also getting a nice extension through the ribcage, let's take it to plank.

    Everybody, three tricep push-ups, let's go, 3, 2, 1, inhale cobra exhale down dog. Jump back to a straddle position, grab those ankles, tripping the left toes out, trikonasana, look up toward that right palm, let's take it straight up, tug of war with the arms.

    Female Speaker: And this is tough on balance if you are not good with yoga but it's a nice stretch.

    Bizzie Gold: Definitely. Anyhow take it all the way back, it helps people that have a hard time with yoga because of attention reasons, it's very, very involved, it's good for people that aren't looking for just quiet meditation, more of a workout, hold it here. Exhale both hands to the heels, drop that forehead down, hands to the floor. So here we are going to actually bring the weight to the hands, you are going to drive the knee up toward the elbow, it's going to look silly but your abs will thank me.

    Female Speaker: I can't keep up with you Bizzie, you are good.

    Bizzie Gold: You can do it. Female Speaker: That's it, practice, right?

    Bizzie Gold: 3, 2, 1 forward fold, take a breath. Start to roll it up. We are going to pivot our toes up to the sides, drop the tailbone down, arms they are coming straight up, snap those hips front to back, everything is working on the abs so well this might feel silly, all will be coming from the core, circle left, get that energy.

    Female Speaker: It's tough. Without moving the legs, you really get those pelvic --Bizzie Gold: Knees up, it's a great pelvic toning exercise especially for women that have just given birth, that's how I developed it, having a baby, arms come up, full attempt to make straight jumps. Two more and fold. Take as a plank, slow chaturanga and press back to child's pose, take the weight to the hands, tuck the toes under, we are going to press about to downward dog, it's got our heart rates up we are going to cool it down, right toes come up, jump that foot open to the side, step that right foot all the way through. We are going to do our high lunges on the right side, take it front to back, just nice small pulses, for 3, 2, 1, roll out that right hip, 3, 2, 1 hands to the floor, let's come to a nice slow chaturanga, we are about to open up the back, press those knees back and take the right arm under, left arm is going to bind behind the back, look up toward that left shoulder.

    Female Speaker: Oh, it feels good on the shoulders.

    Bizzie Gold: Oh yeah, all those yoga bound poses really feel nice. Open up on the left side, and we are going to come back to center, how did you guys feel like, you made there many Buti workouts.

    Female Speaker: That was great, that was great.

    Bizzie Gold: We have all broken a bit of --Female Speaker: I know it's a quick version so I know that the 60 minutes can be probably a wipe out.

    Bizzie Gold: Definitely, they are real challenging, people leave my class looking like they jumped in a swimming pool, myself included.

    Anna Renderer: Bizzie, thank you so much for that workout, that was awesome!

    Bizzie Gold: I am so glad you enjoyed it. Our Buti classes are available all over the country, we train instructors, we have a DVD, we offer online classes, you name it, we have it, our website is butifitness.

    com; thank you so much for having me here, it was so much fun.

    Anna Renderer: Oh that was awesome, and thank you guys for watching POPSUGAR Fitness.