Seafood Risotto – Cooking

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    This video will show how to cook seafood risotto.

    Davide Megna: Hello, I am Davide Megna. Amici Miei in Rockville, Maryland and we are preparing seafood risotto today and I am going to show you how to cook the risotto. We starting with some, from pouring some extra virgin olive oil into our pot. After that, we are going to add our onions, about half a onion finely chopped. You start stirring the onions so that they will not be burning. Once the onion has softened a little bit, we are going to add our Arborio rice and we will start toasting the rice with the onion together. Now at this moment, I am going to add also our squid which are cut into rings and the tentacles as well. I am going to add these squid right now because so they have a chance to cook for a long time, that way they will be soft. You can add the squid either at the beginning of the cooking the risotto or at the very end. After that, we pour, we deglaze with some white wine and we will let it evaporate. If we don't let it evaporate the white wine, they will result as a giving a acidic taste to your risotto. Once the wine has evaporated completely, we can add a little bit of tomato sauce, just a little bit enough to make your risotto pink. You don't want to overwhelm your risotto with tomato sauce, otherwise it will spoil all the wonderful flavor of the seafood. Right now, we are going to add all the juices from mussels and clams that were previously opened in a pan with a little bit of white wine. So we are going to use a strainer and just use the juices, to strain our juices and then we are going to add the mussels and the clams at the very end and now we are looking to our risotto. At the same, time we can add our baby octopus and then we can -- we just going to keep stirring, stirring our risotto at a very high flame until the broth has not almost evaporated. After that, we are going to start adding our fish broth into our risotto and we are going to do that little by little just enough to cover the rice with the broth so they would not end up, we will not end up overcooking our risotto. In the meantime we keep stirring because otherwise the risotto is going to stick to the bottom of our pot. Since our juices have evaporated completely, we are going to start adding the fish stock. As I say, just little by little, just enough to cover the rice. So we are making risotto, there is no really an exact quantity of stock you need to use for your rice because that may varies according to the kind of rice you are using. So that's why we are adding the stock little by little, so that would not -- when the result is right we will not have water in the risotto. We keep adding our broth to our risotto for about another ten minutes. Usually risotto takes about 15 and 20 minutes to be ready depending on which kind of rice we are using and we will show you later almost at the end, what are the rest of the ingredients we are going to add to our risotto and now we are going to finish the risotto.

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