Seaplaning in Tavares, FL

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Check out this out-of-the-ordinary travel idea in Lake County, FL. Take a tour in a seaplane for a trip back in time.

    Chad Crawford: Seaplanes were among the first aircraft invented at the turn of the 20th Century. Versatile for their ability to land anywhere, these aircraft were very popular for long distance travel, and what better place to fly a seaplane than Lake County, Floridas home to over 1,400 lakes. In the northern part of Lake County is Tavares, a quaint, relaxing town, dignified as the self-proclaimed seaplane capital of the world. My wife Kristy and I decided to book a trip that would take us soaring over the many lakes of Lake County.

    Though the city was founded in 1880, it was in 2010 before Tavares took the plunge and invested in an airport catering to seaplanes. When the project was complete, tourism took off. Pilots flocked to Tavares for its seaplane accommodations and its abundance of lakes. And there is something about the look and feel of a seaplane, the manual controls, the analog dials. Perhaps this romanticism comes from the old movies of the 30s and 40s, when traveling among the clouds was luxurious and intimate.

    When you visit Central Florida, make Tavares one of your destinations. Find a reputable seaplane tour company like the Jones Brothers Air and Seaplane Adventures and fly back in time for a little excitement and romance. Believe me, you will enjoy the view.