Search Resumes To Refresh Your Candidate Search

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Julie Baumgartner from describes the best ways to find qualified candidates for jobs by using a resume database.

    Female Speaker: Part of a recruiter's job is to build their candidate pipeline by developing relationships with the variety of highly qualified professionals.

    These professionals may or may not be actively searching for a new job, but at some point have been sourced and solicited to fill a particular job position.

    One of the best ways to find qualified candidates for your current work orders is to access a resume database. With all the hype around social and mobile recruiting, traditional tactics of candidates searching have fallen by the way side.

    According to a recent survey from the international association of employment websites, 80% of job board executives believe that resumes posted six months ago or longer are a valuable asset, while only 20% of them believe employers release resumes as useful.

    More often than not, a candidate is overlooked simply due to the date they posted their resume. If the candidate's skills and qualifications match those of the job you are looking to fill, call them. If they are no longer looking for employment, no problem, at least you just gained a new contact to add to your pipeline. Maybe down the road they would be an ideal placement for a new job opportunity or better yet they will think of you when it's time for a career change and give you a ring.

    Recruiters and hiring managers not only need to recruit for right now, but also for the long term. By taking advantage of both the active and passive job seekers in a job board's database, they can rapidly establish new leads that can be leveraged throughout their days of recruiting.