Selecting a Brass Musical Instrument

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Menzie Pittman, a member of the National Association of Music Merchants, helps you decide if the Brass family is the right instrument for you!

    Menzie Pittman: Hi! I am Menzie Pittman with the National Association of Music Merchants. Today we are going to talk about how to select an instrument and the family we are going to look at is the brass family.

    [Music Playing]The trumpet is the most commanding of all the brass instruments. It has a bright, clean, powerful sound and does most of the solo work.

    [Music Playing]It is definitely an instrument that takes technical proficiency, but it's definitely the shining star of the brass family. If that sounds like it's right for you, trumpet could be a good choice.

    [Music Playing]Next, let's talk about French horn. French horn has a darker tone and is a more mellow instrument than trumpet, but no less a prominent role in the orchestra. Often the right-hand is put in the bell to change the flavor of the sound of the horn. If a technically challenging instrument attracts you, then French horn may be a good choice.

    Let's talk about trombone. Trombone is different because it's played with a slide device and it has the largest range of all the brass instruments. Trombone plays a support role in the orchestra but is often used as a solo instrument if you choose to play jazz. If this sounds like it would be interesting for you, maybe trombone is your choice.

    We have talked about three of the brass family members today; trumpet, French horn, and trombone. All have their technical challenge and all have their personalities, but one I am sure would be right for you. If the brass family sounds like your family, why wait? Enjoy!

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