Selecting a Coach – Individual Objectives

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional coach Ed Modell discusses setting personal objectives to be examined in a coaching partnership. In a coaching relationship, it is a client’s responsibility to share with the coach exactly what they wish to achieve. This video series includes information on researching coaching for your business and personal goals, steps for establishing business and personal objectives, tips for interviewing coaches, and things to consider when finalizing a contract for professional coaching services.

    Susan Samakow: Hello! My name is Susan Samakow and I'm a professional coach and proud member of the International Coach Federation.

    So you have decided to work with coach, that's great! In this video I'm going to discus with you an important step of that partnership. Establishing the objectives or goals you want to coach to help you achieve. It's a client responsibility to decide exactly what they want to accomplish and it's the coaches' responsibility to help client works towards these objectives.

    When you're setting your objectives, be as specific as possible. Setting goals at the beginning of your coaching partnership will help you and your coach to establish a clear direction to move toward and will help motivate you during the coaching process. There are plenty of goals that individuals can use coaching to help address, they include self-esteem or self-confidence, Work/Life balance, managing career opportunities, stress reduction, business management, wellness, work performance and much more. It's just a matter of what area or areas you want to experience a positive change in. Unlike a colleague, family member or someone else to may have a vested interest, a coach is someone who only has your interest in mind.

    Setting clear and achievable goals and objectives will make it easier to measure your progress and a return on investments of your professional coaching partnership. Working towards your goals may seem impossible, but this is where your coach comes into play. Your coach is there to assist you in discovering how to reach your goals, eliciting solutions and strategies from you, and holding you responsible and accountable for working towards your goals.

    I encourage you to keep these tips in mind as you prepare for working with a coach.