Selecting a Coach – Interviewing Coaches

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional coach Ed Modell provides tips for how to interview a professional coach. This video series includes information on researching coaching for your business and personal goals, steps for establishing business and personal objectives, tips for interviewing coaches, and things to consider when finalizing a contract for professional coaching services.

    John Honor: Hello! My name is John Honor and I'm a professional coach and a member of the International Coach Federation. In this video I'll be showing some tips for finding and selecting a professional coach.

    Just like other types of projects for which you might hire other individuals, it's important to speak to several coaches before making the selection. You want to speak to at least three, so that you can compare your experiences with each coach. Ask these coaches about their specific training, experience, qualifications, credential and skills. You'll also want to ask for at least two references from each coach.

    Some coaches in the market maybe relying on skills they required while performing other careers. Remember, coaching is distinct profession. In order to ensure an optimal coaching partnership; I encourage you to work with a coach who has completed some form of coach's specific training.

    You may want to ask the coaches you interview some of the following questions: how many individual have you coached? What is your coaching specialty? What is your philosophy about coaching? How will coaching sessions be conducted? Over the phone? Twice a month? What are you fees? In addition to asking about specific training, you may also want to ask if the coaches you interviewed hold credential, and if they have a membership with a professional coaching organization, such as the ICF.

    Research has demonstrated that a greater number of clients report having any satisfactory coaching experience, when working with the coach who holds a credential, such as one of three credentials offered by the International Coach Federation. I encourage you to keep these tips in mind while interviewing coaches.