Selecting a Deck Builder – Design

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Building expert Shawn Miller discusses the importance of selecting a reputable company to build your deck, including how to choose a design.

    Shawn Miller: Hi! I'm Shawn Miller with deckdesigns.

    com and I'm President of the North American Deck and Rail Association. Today I'd like to speak with you about designing your deck. There are two important considerations when designing your deck, form and function and it's important that these two items work in harmony with each other.

    The first step in designing your deck is determining its function. How do you want to use your space? Is it going to be a quiet refuge for your family or will you be entertaining friends and neighbors well into the night?

    Think about your floor plan and furniture layout. How big is your table? Would you like a lounge area or a place to sunbath? How about hot tub a fire pit? And don't forget the grill or outdoor kitchen.

    A lot of these spaces can be integrated by separating multiple levels to create rooms much like the inside of your house. And don't forget about the stairs. Where you're going how you're going to get that.

    The location of the stairs determines the hallway from your doorway and how you flow out into the yard. After you layout for function now it's time to make it sparkle.

    Here your choices are only limited by your imagination and your budget. Let's start with decking and decide what materials you will use. Your choices boil down to real wood or alternative decking products, but within these two categories your choices are almost limitless.

    Colors, textures, and maintenance requirements should all work together with your home and lifestyle. Don't forget it's not just decking your choose, but how you use it. From diagonal decking to herringbone patterns, borders with accent colors, and medallions to color-coordinated screws and hidden fastener systems. There are lots of opportunities to make a statement with your decking.

    When we talk about railings your choices are as limitless as you decking. Obviously, you want your railings to work in harmony with the decking you choose, but remember more than anything else your railings are what you see and what your neighbors see. A well-designed deck will bring form and function together creating the deck of your dreams.