Selecting a Destination for your Summer Vacation

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Travel agent Melinda Webb discusses selecting a destination for your summer vacation.

    Melinda Webb: My name is Melinda Webb of Dreams and Destinations Travel and I am going to talk to you about selecting a destination for your summer vacation. Host: What should I consider when selecting a destination for summer vacation? Melinda Webb: I think well, as we discussed earlier budget is one of the things that you consider about. Also, you have to look at what type of traveler you are, what type of person you are. Are you somebody that wants to just relax on a beach and if so, do you want a guaranteed no rain on your vacation type beach or do you want to save and just enjoy beach of great value. That's going to determine whether you go to Hawaii or maybe Fiji versus the Caribbean which has great beaches, but of course, in the summer time the weather can be a little tricky too. So you have to look at your comfort level while traveling and then the types of activities that you like and of course, the budget.