Selecting a Dimmer – Energy Savings Considerations

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Home Maintenance Expert Steve McCurdy discusses energy savings considerations when selecting a lighting dimmer switch.

    Steve McCurdy: Hi! This is Steve McCurdy from Leviton Manufacturing, we are speaking today about selecting the proper dimmer for your home. One of the most critical things we see here today when it comes to lighting, is the energy use of our lighting, the dimmers provide you a great opportunity to reduce the consumption, reduce the use, and replacement of lamps and give a better green environment. For example, if you just take a simple dimmer and you use it on a lighting load, just by reducing that light by 25% you are going to reduce the energy 20% on the lighting that it's controlling. You are also going to eliminate the replacement of those lamps, and that can really help particularly when you think about the cost of lamps and also the lamp fills that those lamps go into.

    So simple dimmers, either mechanically can do that or in some applications dimmers like this have what they call an energy saving mode. And you can set that so that every time you operate a dimmer like this, it will only go to 80% of that light load, automatically saving 20% on your energy cost. And in a home today with 25% of your energy being consumed by lighting, it's a real smart technique in order to save those hard earned dollars.

    Now I hope these tips today will help you and your family select the proper dimmer for your home and thanks for watching.