Selecting a Kitchen Sink

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Gary Uhl from American Standard discusses how to choose a kitchen sink based on the type of material and the faucet that you’re installing.

    Gary Uhl: Hello my name is Gary Uhl from American Standard. I want to discuss how to choose a kitchen sink based on the type of material and the faucet that you're installing.

    There are two types of kitchen sink installations, the first and most common is a Drop In kitchen sink, it goes into the top of the counter top surface and then the faucet mounts on the sink deck.

    The other type is Undermount, this is a cleaner look, but it requires the counter top surface to be either grinded or solid surface materials you get a clean edge and then the faucet gets mounted into the counter top itself. Many people like the look and durability of stainless steel, the thicker the metal, the more the sink will resist dense over the life of the sink.

    Now the way you judge the thickness is called Gauge, the lower the gauge number like 18, the thicker the metal. The higher the gauge number like 22 the thinner the metal.

    If you like a durable colored sink pick something that has a glass portioned in enamel finish like cast iron. There are other types of sinks available made out of fine fire clay and a resin composite material.

    Be sure to know what kind of faucet you're installing the sink will need to have the exact number of holes required to make that faucet installation, your kitchen sink is an important part of your home; it's worth the time to choose the right one.

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