Selecting a Prom Dress for Inverted Triangle Body Types

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    elle H boutique owner Linda Hahn provides examples of prom dresses for inverted triangle body types.

    Linda Hahn: Hi, I am Linda Hahn. I am the owner and buyer for L H boutique and I am taking today about how to find the perfect prom dress. Kelly here is an example of an inverted triangle type of body shape. What that means is that her shoulders are broader than her hips. What you want to do in this case is probably, minimize the shoulder area and try and balance out the width between the hips and the shoulders.

    So what you are going to want to look for in a dress and what this dress does for you is the square neckline draws the eye in so that you see this width rather than if she were to wear a dress that was say a tube you would see all of this width and it would appear much broader. This narrows the shoulder area. Also, for people in this category they tend to be larger busted.

    If you have a large bust line and you wear a deep scoop you have a lot of cleavage showing and it tends to accentuate that area. This nice, square neckline accentuates the area and makes it look attractive, but it doesn't give you an overage of cleavage. The long flower deep down the front draws your eye down and gives you a long lengthening look that's something you can look for in any dress. A print or a stripe or something that goes down one side which will help you elongate the body and help even out the body because it's all in one line.

    This dress also has little ruffles around the bottom. Again, we are trying to minimize the top and add a little volume at the bottom and that's exactly what these ruffles do. The stripes horizontally and the ruffles combine to give you a little more width at the bottom. To minimize a broad shoulder you want to avoid tube tops that are going to leave that whole upper area exposed, the cut in halter tops are also going to cause the shoulders to look broader particularly, if you are an athlete and have broader, muscular shoulders you might not want that accentuated.

    So wearing something like this is going to minimize that. With this dress you really only need a very simple piece of jewelry in the neckline. There's a lot going on in the dress already in terms of pattern and stripes. So you don't need to add a lot of other jewelry.

    You can wear your hair down and very simple, you can also pull the hair back so that there is more of a view of the neckline, you can also put the hair up and give it a little bit more sophisticated look.

    Next, I'll show you beautiful looks for the rectangle body type.