Selecting a Prom Dress for Triangle Body Types

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    elle H boutique owner Linda Hahn shows how to select a prom dress for a triangle body type.
    Linda Hahn: Hi, I am Linda Hahn. I am the owner and buyer for L H boutique in Laguna Beach. We are here talking to you today about how to find the perfect prom dress. We have talked about the basic body types and now we are going to show you how each of these body types can be fitted to look their best.Katelin (ph) is representative of the triangle body shape, that's the body shape that is narrower at the shoulders and wider at the hips. In order to make that body look the best you want to dress with something that accentuates the upper body and minimizes the lower body thereby giving you a more balanced effect. The dipped neck line as well emphasizes the bust. The shoulders being slightly off shoulder give you width at that level, the little bows also further add width to the shoulder area. The 'V' in the front draws attention to the upper body and the pleats lengthen the body. All of these things combined draw the eye to the upper portion of the body and the basic simple shape of the dress makes the rest of the body more or less disappear thereby helping you accentuate the positive and minimize the things that you wish to minimize.The pockets on the dress further help to hide anything you may want to hide at the lower level. If we turn around and look at the back of the dress, again you see the very simple, straight shape and a line of stitching that again, brings your eye up and shows you emphasizing the upper portion of the body.With a dress of this type you can have when you have a plunging neckline, you can just do a simple necklace. But it this case, we are bringing out the blue that's in the dress. As far as wearing your hair, you can leave it down or if you want to show off that neckline even more you can put the hair up and there now, you have an even broader view of the shoulders which gives you even more focus at that level.Next, I will discuss great dresses for the inverted triangle body type.