Selecting a Prom Dress – Understanding Body Types

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    elle H boutique owner Linda Hahn discusses different body types and dress styles to match each one.
    Linda Hahn: I am Linda Hahn, owner and buyer for L H boutique in Laguna Beach. I am helping you find out how to find that perfect Prom dress. One of the ways that you can do that is by knowing your particular body type. In fashion business we refer two body types based on the general silhouette of your body. If you were to look at yourself straight on in a mirror and see where your shoulders and your hips and how they relate, will help you define your body type.If you look in the mirror and you discover that your shoulders and upper body are narrower than your hips that would make your body type a triangle. You can understand how that works, it's narrower here with the widest portion of your body being in the hip area. If when you are looking in the mirror you notice that your shoulders are broader than your hips; that puts you in the body type of an inverted triangle. Your weight is carried in the upper portion of your body and you taper down to a narrower hip. This body type sometimes has a more defined waist but often times, does not necessarily have a defined waist either.The third body type is a rectangle. That is generally, a slim, bonier type of build. The shoulders and the hips are the same widths and there's usually not a defined waist. If there is a waist at all, it's very minimal. The final type is the classic hourglass figure. It has shoulders and hips that are the same width, but it has a defined waist. So you end up with almost a double triangle or an hourglass, where the shoulders are wide, a very well defined waist and wide hips that are the same width as the shoulders.Once you know which one of these body types is most associated with yours you will find that it is much easier to find that perfect prom dress.Next, I'll show you great looks for the triangle body type.