Selecting a Shower System

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Michelle Troconis, Product Manager from American Standard, shares some tips for selecting a shower system for your home bathroom.

    Michelle Troconis: Hi! I'm Michelle Troconis, Product Manager from American Standard. There are many types of options to consider when selecting a shower system. It can really be quite a daunting task.

    A shower system is a group of components that allows the users to have multiple showering options. They're usually your custom design inbuilt and you usually will work with a showroom consultant to select the right shower system for your needs.

    There are three different types of products used in the shower system. First you have the spray outlets; this is anything in a shower that sprays the water, that's your shower heads, hand showers or body sprays.

    Second are the mixing valves, mixing valves are what mixes the hot and cold water for coming from the pipes and then sends it on to the spray outlets.

    And lastly are the control valves, these are the valves that direct the water on to the difference spray outlets. That's a basic overview of what a shower system is, be sure to work with a showroom consultant to make sure you select the right products for your shower system.