Selecting an Automatic Pool Cleaner

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Kevin Braidic, Product Manager at Zodiac Pool Systems, discusses selecting an automatic pool cleaner.

    Kevin Braidic: Hello! My name is Kevin Braidic. I am Product Manager of Zodiac Pool Systems. Today, we're going to talk about selecting an automatic pool cleaner for your pool.

    First we're going to talk about understanding your pool, which will include the anatomy of your pool. Talk about how pumps, filters and return lines relate to installation of an automatic pool cleaner.

    Next we'll talk about selecting the automatic pool cleaner to suit your needs.

    Finally, we'll discuss debris types that you may find in and around your pool. Then we'll talk about automatic pool cleaner types for that debris.

    Few words about safety. It's recommended never to swim in a pool while an automatic pool cleaner is in operation, and a few words about Zodiac Pool Systems. We are a global manufacturer of automatic pool cleaners, pressure, suction and robotic manufactured under the Polaris and Baracuda brand names.

    So let's get started.

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