Selecting Clothes to Pack for Travel

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    This video will show how to select clothes to pack for travel.

    Rhonda Baron: Hi! I am Rhonda Baron with Baron International LLC and today we are showing you how to pack for travel. This segment in particular is on the dos and dont of the types of materials and things that you take with you as far as clothing very, very important because if you are not happy being like cool in this hot destination of your sunny paradise where you are going to vacation, it will really ruin your vacation. So starting off you can always buy something that is a wrinkle free type of short or outfit and this is great because you already have the short that, no matter what you do when you are sitting down or standing up these are the best to travel and by the way because you can get up and sit down a million times and you will still look pretty well groomed. The same thing goes for the top, you will pick something that is polyester type of top that no matter what you do it doesnt wrinkle. There are also other products out there in the market that, for example, this one in particular I am sure you all have seen these but they make great, great travel wear because this thing can stretch out as you can see and you can also ball it up in your suitcase and stuff it in any corner. And it would be so manageable and easy to wear and you always look polished when you get where you are going. The major important thing is that you want to avoid black, avoid black like the plague because it is very, very warm for example, black polyester pants, beautiful pants but very uncomfortable when you get in a hot climate.

    The same thing goes for the tops and that is etcetera. Man trust me, you will also want to stay in a neutral zone and as far as like khaki colors and beige colors are your best throughout, also some browns as well. That is as dark as you should get but navy blue and black I would stay away from it. Something very easy to pack and also easy to wear is something that has holes in it, something that is breathable. Something like this you can also wear, something underneath it, your bathing suit and it is very accommodating because this you can wear into any place you go and you will feel comfortable and you wont die of heat. That goes for shirts as well, the thing you want to keep in mind is when I say, stay away from black I dont mean black always just black polyester cotton. When you get into black linen it is different issue. Black linen, linen lets the air through, it is quite breathable as a matter of fact I can see the camera through this dress it does have a lining. So it is not that risky but the actual material is excellent. Linen is wonderful; it is just like you better watch my entire segment on packing wrinkle free because linen does wrinkle. They make all these great products in the sports department that have this wonderful material just like almost like a plastic mesh, breathable, easy to wash, easy to dry and this type of thing shorts in particular you can take this with you in a carry on. Just in case your large luggage is lost and you may have to change into something overnight, this type of thing, these shorts in particular hardly weight anything at all. The same thing goes for men in the department of shirts, for example, this one is made by Under Armor. They make these for men and ladies now, they have all types of garments and it is amazing what they have come up with that these articles in particular, they are just like unbelievable you can buy three of these and last a whole week because they are easy to wash and like I said choose colors that are easily interchangeable, pair of brown pants with white or beige top and you are set to go. The other thing is they are making now, they have just in the last two years came out with these great articles as far as shirts, dresses and that goes for mens shirts as well and these are wrinkleproof. They are actually perfect for travel, wrinkleproof shirts that are out of this special material, specifically made for travel and you can go onto a travel website and look up travel clothing and buy them through these travel websites as well. And next we are going to talk about how to pack your bags for travel.