Selecting Glasses for Your Face Shape

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Anne Morgan of Color and Image Insight describes how face shape can guide your selection of glasses frames.

    Anne Morgan

    Anne Morgan's Color and Image Insight business is about far more than helping clients choose their most flattering eyeglasses. A full-service image consultant in Fairfax, Virginia, since 1990, Anne has shown hundreds of men and women how to improve their appearance and their outlook with color and wardrobe analysis, cosmetic makeovers, personal shopping, image updates, and more. She takes particular delight in the before-and-after transformations that a total makeover produces, as well as in training others in this exciting field. Originally trained and certified by Beauty For All Seasons, she is now affiliated with its successor, the international company Beauty by Jeunique. She has spoken before a wide range of professional and social organizations and is a regular adult education instructor for Fairfax County Public Schools. Anne brings a lifetime of interest in clothing and fashion to her work. Previous experience includes custom dressmaking, as well as several years creating costumes for the entertainment industry in Hollywood, California. She is a graduate of Cornell University. In addition to her image business, Anne derives great satisfaction from her volunteer work with Suited for Change, an organization that outfits low income women for the job market, and keeps in shape with Pilates, spin classes and weight training. She and her husband have two grown sons.

    Hello, I am Anne Wilterdink Morgan with Color and Image Insight, and I am showing you how to choose your most flattering eyeglasses. Right now, I am showing you how to enhance the overall lines of your face with your glasses. Now, face shapes may be considered angled or contoured. An angled face shape is generally going to have more visible bone structure, its going to have more distinct straight lines and angle and the overall shape of the face as you look at the perimeter and the bone structure of the face. One way to determine it is to hold a straightedge next to the face and see if you are noticing straight lines or if instead you are getting a more gradual contoured shape to the face. Another way that you can tell is to actually hold up patterns to the face. Here you see a contoured pattern; here you see an angled pattern. You can also do that with more simple shapes such as these contoured pattern and angled pattern. Now if her face were angled, the angles in this pattern would bring out the bone structure make it look stronger, more vital, but since her face is contoured and you probably notice that you did not see those distinct lines and angles, then it looks a little harsh instead and the contoured pattern is more harmonious. The same is going to be true for all kinds of patterns for neckline, for jewelry, and, of course, for glasses.

    So, here you can see with scarves how the angled pattern looks harsh and the contoured pattern is softer and more enhancing for the shape of her face. So, youve probably heard the opposite, and you may hear it again, but you can see by what I just showed you that its better to repeat the overall lines of the face then contradict them would be opposite shape. In other words, if your face is contoured, you want to go with contoured or more curved glasses and if your face is angled, you want to go with more angular glasses. These would be examples of contoured glasses here and these would be examples of angled glasses. And if we try to notice how the more contoured shape enhances Terrys face much better than if we were to compare to the more angular shape here. Now, you are going to find glasses where you are going to combine angles and contours where the glasses are not going to be so distinctly angled or contoured, and here a few examples like this. This would be angle, a softened angle perhaps. Similarly, youve got contoured lines on the top and bottom angles on the sides. If the shape of your face is less distinctly angled or contoured, if you have a difficult time determining which one it is, then you will be a little safer with going with lines that combine both features.

    Thats how to enhance the overall lines of your face shape with your glasses. Next, I am going to talk about how to balance the length of your face with your eyeglasses.