Selecting Shoes to Pack for Travel

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    This video will show how to select shoes to pack for travel.

    Rhonda Baron: Hi! I am Rhonda Baron with Baron International LLC and today we are going to be talking to you about packing for travel. The subject in this segment is about shoes, if your feet arent happy, you are not happy. So that goes for wherever you are at, you want to go on your vacation and determine before you start packing which shoes you would like to narrow it down to since the regulations have gotten so stiff with weight allowance.

    Now you want to be wearing very comfortable shoes when you are traveling to begin with on your personal body, that is, on your feet. Make sure that they are withstanding everything; you dont want to wear type of flip-flop that may break during, in your flight and then what you are going to do; not have a pair of shoes to wear. So I would suggest to wear something thats a very durable type of shoe, something that has a front to it, or something thats a bit more dressy, that is, more casual dressy something like this which is a crock, has a front cover.

    If you have to get into a more fancy type of a shoe, I would pick something thats really lightweight and has cork. This goes for ladies and as far as men are concerned you want to pick something very lightweight as well. Narrowing your shoes down, I like sports and I am going to be doing for example some jet skiing when I get to where I am going or actually beachcombing, whatever and you definitely dont want to leave home without your little shoes for the beach.

    Something else thats comfortable is you want to take along something thats very casual and that would be something like flip-flops. Okay, flip-flops are great but the thing is for example, how I am going to pack these, if the soles of the flip-flops look like this. But I really want to take these along; well these have been clean to the point where it doesnt get any cleaner than this. But you want to put them together and put them in a plastic bag, wrap them up and then put them in your luggage like that. Never put them in your luggage with the soles exposed to your clothing or even your suitcase, you never know if there is tar on there or some type of a substance that could stick to your luggage or bags.

    The other thing is when you are traveling, never take along brand new shoes, shoes can give you the worst blisters which I am sure most people have had and if you really want to chance it. You have to take along some band aids then because I highly recommend that you will need them. But like I said make sure the shoes that you have already worn and you are comfortable wearing them, these shoes in particular I can wear for hours. All these shoes are very comfortable for me and for dressy occasion, I have picked something thats very neutral, something thats in a color that will go with different outfits that I have. Dont stick with one color otherwise you will limit yourself and you will end up having to bring along an entire shoe department.

    So now we are going to be talking about how do you make the best of the space within the shoe. Well with socks in particular, you can roll your socks and its a very simple technique, roll it around your hand and stuff the sock inside the shoe as far as you can. If the shoe is too wide and the sock is too thick, you can always take one sock at a time and do that and this makes the best of the space within your luggage. You can stuff that shoe and actually get an entire pair for socks in there and actually the shoe looks great once you get it your destination because it wont be all mangled, this goes for dress shoes for men as well. Always use your socks as a stuffer. Then when you pack them in your suitcase, mostly the shoes should always go just like you get them when you are buying them in a box from the shoebox. They want to go one way and one the other way, takes up less space. Coming up next are a few tips on what types of clothing to buy for your trip.