Selecting Styles of Wedding Programs

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Paper expert Sarah Meyer Walsh demonstrates how to make your own wedding invitations and paperie, including how to select a style of wedding program.

    Sarah Meyer Walsh: Hi! I am Sarah Meyer Walsh of Haute Papier and I am showing you how to make wedding invitation. So let us talk program. When putting together the program for your wedding, there are several things to consider, size, what to include, how fancy or plain do you want it to be. So I have put together a couple of different things to show you starting with the most basic type of program, which is something that might just be a one sheet piece of paper that's half of the page, 8.

    5x11 page, that you could put through your home printer, very basic. Choose something more elaborate like this program that is actually a little book including all the same things as the longer taller program, but it's a little bit longer, so there is some more room for including extra things. One of the cute things about this design is we actually made it to fit inside of a men's coat pocket, so that instead of being folded up and stuck in someone's purse it would actually be in its same nice shape, when you got home in the evening after the event. So let us talk a little bit about what to include in your program. The basics include the name of the bride and the groom, which are here along the side, the date and the location. Now, on the inside the basics are generally the order of the ceremony including any reading, exchange of vows, exchange of rings, any song, anything like that along with who is actually going to be performing them. Next, you want to have some sort of a listing of who is in the wedding and this can be the list of participants or wedding party. You usually want to include the celebrants and any musicians that are included in the wedding also. That was kind of a basic program, but looking at one that has a little bit more information, take a look at this one here. This bride had a longer ceremony, so she needs a little bit more space and she also included a page giving thanks to everyone who has joined them and helped them along the way in preparing for their marriage and just the near life in general. This bride chose to include a little bit of information just reminding her guest the location of the reception site and also some directions on how to get there. Some other things you might want to include in your program, include a history maybe of your church or a little story about how you and your fianc met and some people also like to include a little remembrance section to anyone who may be have passed away or can't be with the bride and groom on that special day. So these are the some of the basics of the wedding programs. Next, we will take a look at place cards, table cards, menus and a few other things you might need in wedding papery for the reception.