Selecting the Best Color of Glasses

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Anne Morgan of Color and Image Insight discusses how to choose the right color for your glasses frames.

    Anne Morgan

    Anne Morgan's Color and Image Insight business is about far more than helping clients choose their most flattering eyeglasses. A full-service image consultant in Fairfax, Virginia, since 1990, Anne has shown hundreds of men and women how to improve their appearance and their outlook with color and wardrobe analysis, cosmetic makeovers, personal shopping, image updates, and more. She takes particular delight in the before-and-after transformations that a total makeover produces, as well as in training others in this exciting field. Originally trained and certified by Beauty For All Seasons, she is now affiliated with its successor, the international company Beauty by Jeunique. She has spoken before a wide range of professional and social organizations and is a regular adult education instructor for Fairfax County Public Schools. Anne brings a lifetime of interest in clothing and fashion to her work. Previous experience includes custom dressmaking, as well as several years creating costumes for the entertainment industry in Hollywood, California. She is a graduate of Cornell University. In addition to her image business, Anne derives great satisfaction from her volunteer work with Suited for Change, an organization that outfits low income women for the job market, and keeps in shape with Pilates, spin classes and weight training. She and her husband have two grown sons.

    Hello, I am Anne Wilterdink Morgan of Color and Image Insight, and I am showing you how to choose the most flattering eyeglasses. Right now, I am showing you how to choose the most flattering colors for your eyeglasses. Now, one of the things that I recommend the most frequently is to pick up the color of your skin, hair, or eyes or any combination of those with your eyeglasses and Terry and I picked out a really fun pair of glasses that does just that for her. Notice how the tortoiseshell at the top of the glasses blends with the highlights and lowlights of her hair. Also, the green and the lower part of the frame picks up the green or brown tones of her eyes and so they are really fun from a color standpoint.

    The next most frequently chosen type of glasses would be metallic, and here you see a variety of different options. Metallic eyeglass is nowadays are not just gold or silver, but there are all kinds of choices including copper, bronze, pewter, and gunmetal, depending on how warm or cool your coloring is. Certainly, you want to go with the more bronze and gold tones if you have warm coloring; the grayer shades if you have cool coloring. They are also available in either matt or shiny finish. Generally speaking, I think the matt finish is going to be a little bit less obtrusive on your face and for most people it will blend and will be a little bit less conspicuous as a pair of frames.

    Another alternative would be to go with a basic neutral from your wardrobe. And here you see choices in the grays, beiges, browns, frequently tortoiseshell as you can see, black, even navy is available as a neutral shade, and once again you want to go with the colors that are going to be the most flattering to you, the ones that are in your palette or in your particular wardrobe most frequently. Now, if you want to have a little bit lively your look, you might consider one of the reds. Reds are very frequently chosen for eyeglass colors because they enhance the skin tone in the same way that a blushing lipstick do by picking up the undertones of the skin and making it look lively and healthy and for that reason when you are choosing a pair of red glasses, you want to be sure that the color you choose is the color that would flatter you if it were to be a blush or lipstick color. For example, while a true red is going to be a little bit more versatile. You notice this pair, which has got lot of cooler pink tones, what we would call a purple-red or blue-red, is not going to be as flattering for Terrys warm coloring as a rustier red such as this choice. Finally, if you really want to be adventurous, why not choose a different color from your wardrobe or from your palette, and I think this purple one would be a lot of fun. So, thats how to choose the most flattering colors for your eyeglasses. Next, I want to show you how to enhance the overall lines of your face with your eyeglasses.