Selecting Your Tailgate Site

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dan from The Tailgating Pros will talk about how to select your tailgating site.

    Dan Henry

    Dan Henry is a former Food Production Manager who spent 20 years in Hotel prep and banquet kitchens. He has worked with some of the country's top chefs. Dan has also been the Head Chef for his tailgating buddies for all of those years. He has perfected the art of cooking outside for large crowds. He has several published tailgating recipes and has recently started his own website, the

    Dan Henry: Hi! I am Dan from The Tailgating Pros. Right now, we are going to talk about how to select your site. Here is another nice tool you can get over the Internet. This is a list of every stadium in the country, and what time the lots open, and where you can tailgate. You cant just show up at a stadium, I think you can tailgate any place you want. They have certain lots for tailgating. So, you dont want to set up your party and then have somebody come and tell you, you've got to go.

    Another thing you want to do is, you want to make sure that you are not setting up your site, get some guys site that's been tailgating for 25 years that could get ugly. So, ask around, ask some people, hey! Is anybody tailgating? We dont want to step on anybodys toes, especially, if you are in an away stadium. So, look into that.

    Another great idea is, make sure you can see the stadium, like you can look up, so you have few beers, and say, Eh! Look at that, thats where we are going, thats where we are going to go, kill the other guys. You also want to be near an exit. You dont want to be stuck in a parking lot, unless you are a real tailgater, and youre going to stay there all night.

    Another thing you want to do is get in a well-lit area. Sometimes when you come out of the stadium, its going to be night time, its going to be dark, park under some lights.

    Another great thing that most major stadiums have now, are porta-potties in the parking lot. That wasnt always the case. We all know what happened 10-15 years ago, maybe thats why they put them out there. So, you want to get close to a porta-potty, not too close, but close enough that you can use it and it doesnt ruin your party, and thats how you select your sites.