Self Defense against a Standing Attack

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Self-defense instructors Lauren Taylor and Sarah T demonstrate how to defend yourself if you are at attacked standing up.

    Lauren Taylor

    Lauren Taylor has taught self-defense for more than 20 years, and is certified by the National Women’s Martial Arts Federation. She's taught thousands of women, teens, children and men in the Washington, DC, area, and specializes in teaching survivors of abuse and assault, LGBT people, and people with disabilities. Sarah T of 5 Smooth Stones self-defense has been teaching conflict resolution and self defense since 1995. Most of her hundreds of students are teenagers in high-crime environments and women survivors of abusive relationships.

    Lauren Taylor: Hi, my name is Lauren Taylor and today we are learning about self defense. We just looked at places you can hit on a person and things you can use on your body to hit with. Now we are going to talk about how to put those together, if you are at attacked standing up. Couple of general principles that we have talked about, one is you are looking for what is available on them to hit and what is available on you to hit with. So, there is no magic formula, you just have to look what is open, what can I get to.

    The other thing is that in addition to the hit, we are going to add a couple of things, one is always yell, yelling makes you stronger, could bring attention, could scare them away, reinforces your message, there is a whole lot of thing, keeps you breathing. So, you want to always yell and the other thing is when you are done, teach yourself to run to safety, do not just stand there and go, Oh, my Gosh what just happened but think about At the end I am always going to run away. So, with Sarah playing the attacker role, we are going to put those together into few scenarios. First thing, I do I grab onto her and I yell no No, no, no, no, number those were few things that you saw earlier, I went to her eyes, I went to her nose, I went to her groins, I kicked her knee and then I ran away. Probably that is more than you would ever need in situation, but better to be over trained than under trained. If it is some kind of a back attack No, no, no, no, no, no, again, what did I do, I grabbed the testicles with my hands, I elbowed her, I stamped on her foot. A stamp is a great technique because it does not take a lot of strength, all you really need to do is use your weight, in both of those situations, what I did was run away.

    If you practice, it is best thing to do, do not worry about the speed just think about yelling hard, yelling loudly and finding the opening. So that is some of how would you deal with the standing attack. Next, we are going to talk about is putting it altogether.