Self Defense Products – Pepper Spray

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Personal safety expert David Nance discusses why pepper spray is one of the most practical personal safety products.

    David Nance: Hi, I am David Nance, Vice President of Security Equipment Corporation, manufacturers of the SABRE Pepper Spray and SABRE Safety Products.

    Why Pepper Spray? Several advantages Pepper Spray offers, first, it doesn't require pain to incapacitate. Pepper Spray is an inflammatory which causes involuntary eye closure so even if the subject is under the influence of drugs or alcohol or is emotionally disturbed, you get Pepper Spray in their eyes it cause the eyes to slam shut, because of that involuntary eye closure, giving you the opportunity to sidestep and escape to safety. Second it doesn't it requires extensive size or strength or skill to use. With an impact weapon such as a bat, if you are going to protect yourself with bat you need to swing hard, you need to hit the person. If you're a 300 pound strong man that might be fairly easy, if you are a smaller stature person it becomes much more challenging. The difference with Pepper Spray is the force multiplier. Every time you apply pressure to that firing mechanism, regardless of your size or strength, it releases the same distance with same strength every time, making it a force multiplier, very important. And lastly, carrying it in and of itself causes you to be alert, aware of your surroundings, doing that might be enough to discourage your threat without having to use your Pepper Spray.

    So --- The ability to protect yourself at a distance. --- Involuntary eye closure --- Not relying on Pain to incapacitate--- Keeping you alert--- Being a force multiplier These things make Pepper Spray one of the most practical tools to protect yourself and your family.