Self Defense Products – Safety Tips

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Safety expert David Nance provides 3 important guidelines to maximize your safety and effectiveness when using pepper spray.

    David Nance: Hi! I am David Nance, Vice President of Security Equipment Corporation, manufacturers of the SABRE Pepper Sprays and SABRE Safety products.

    In this segment, we're here to provide you with three of the best guidelines to use Pepper Spray and three safety tips to incorporate your daily life to maximize your safety and that of your love ones.

    Starting with Pepper Spray, first you've to be familiar with the product chosen, you know what it feels like in your hands, how to grip it, hold it properly, how to arm and disarm it, how far does it spray, and how many shots you have, you have to be familiar with product chosen.

    Second, it has to be accessible, have to have it with you, can't be buried in the bottom of the handbag, can't leave it at home if you expect it to be available to protect yourself. So when you are walking across a parking lot, or you are involved with situation, strongly recommend you have that Pepper Spray in hand. May be don't want to show that you have it in hand, so perhaps you have your hand inside your co-pocket or in a handbag, but you are gripping that Pepper Spray and you're ready to use it.

    Third, you should never be snuck upon, you should never be caught off guard, to prevent those from happy by having a relaxed alertness, you've the 360 awareness around you, looking around periodically, that way you can protect yourself at a safe distance with your Pepper Spray, these are three very important guidelines.

    Moving on to safety tips, things you can incorporate in your daily life to maximize your safety and that of your family, first trust your instincts, something doesn't feel right, it probably isn't, you would, you can to get out of that situation as quickly as possible.

    Second, if you need help, perhaps you have an auto problem or something of that nature, it's far better off that you seek out that help, then wait for a stranger to approach and then help you. You're much more likely as/or that you're going to select the help of a decent person, so seek out that help if you're in that situation.

    And lastly, use when-then thinking instead of if-then thinking, for example, what you don't want to do is, if I'm walking across the parking lot, well, then I'm going to use my Pepper Spray to protect myself, you are really not mentally or physically prepared using that methodology, thinking that way, you're much better off using when-then thinking, when I'm walking across the parking lot then I've my Pepper Spray accessible, when the threat approaches, I'll ready to spray the attacker and escape to safety. Much more proactive you're mentally and physically prepared to protect yourself then maximize your safety and that of your loved ones. So follow these guidelines for maximum safety, smart, be ready, be safe.