Self Defense Products – Selecting Pepper Spray

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    It is vital to pick the right safety products to protect yourself and your family. In this video, personal safety expert, David Nance, highlights important criteria to consider when selecting a self defense spray. Important factors include your specific needs, distance, # of shots, company research, use by professionals and 3rd party endorsements. Pepper spray is a serious product and this video helps you select a good one!

    David Nance: Hi, I am David Nance, Vice President of Security Equipment Corporation, manufacturers of SABRE Pepper Sprays and SABRE safety products.

    In this segment, we're going to talk to you about how to select a quality Pepper Spray. First you need to think about your specific needs, what situation do you need to protect yourself in? There are four different categories you need to think about. First is a Home Defense category, particularly, larger sizes with greatly range. Second, the Athletic Models, something to protect yourself from walking, running and cycling. Third, you have the Compact Size that you can carry discreetly that are readily available in your pocket. Fourth, our most popular category, is the Keychain Pepper Spray, a great tool to protect yourself from walking to and from your car, commuting or walking across the parking lot.

    Specific things you should consider before purchasing a Pepper Spray. 1) Distance. How far does the product fire? We recommended a Pepper Spray has at least a 10 foot range. Take a look at the consumer packaging, make sure the spray you're choosing covers atleast 10 feet, putting a safe distance between you and your potential threat. 2) Number of shots. We recommend a spray that has at least 10 bursts. You may encounter multiple threats, this allows you to protect yourself against more than one person if need be. This also allows you to test fire your product periodically to ensure it is performing properly up until its expiration date. If you are going to do that, go outside spray it into the ground to get just a quick burst.

    Next, do a little research on the company's website. Make sure the company is available, you can contact them via e-mail if need be to ask them any questions, also are the products being used by public safety officers that rely upon these products daily? That's very important. If professionals are using it chances are it's a good product. Also, do they have any third-party endorsements? The Environmental Protection Agency regulates Pepper Spray, are they an EPA establishment? Do they have EPA register products? Have they obtained the very prestigious ISO 9001-2008 Certification, Which is the best endorsement manufacturer can have? So in the end, these are serious products, serious tools, you are choosing to purchase to protect yourself and your family so do a little research and make sure you have a spray that sprays up to 10 feet, it has 10 bursts to protect yourself against multiple threats if need be. products are used by law-enforcement agencies, that way you can ensure that you have a good quality Pepper Spray to protect yourself and your family.