Self Defense Products – Types of Pepper Spray

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Personal safety expert David Nance discusses the five spray patterns provided by personal safety sprays: stream, cone, foam, gel & fogger.

    David Nance: Hi, I am David Nance, Vice President of Security Equipment Corporation, manufacturers of the SABRE Pepper Sprays and SABRE safety products.

    In this segment, we'll talk about the 5 spray patterns: Stream, Cone, Foam, Gel and Fog. We'll talk to you about how to use them, the advantages of each of them, the point of aim, guidelines that you need to follow. First we'll start with Stream. This is the one we recommend the most and especially if you are going to use the product outdoors. The advantage of stream: It provides the greatest distance. Generally sprays atleast 10 feet, its least affected actually by the environment, that being wind or rain. You want to aim for the eyes, you want to saturate that ocular area, so we teach a horizontal deployment, ear-to-ear across the eyes. If you don't hit the exactly at your first shot, we recommend you to go back, you reverse, you go back across the eyes into that ocular area is contaminate. Second you have the Cone home delivery spray pattern. Think about a hairspray bottle and that the actual spray pattern that comes out of that, but think of it ejecting more forcefully at a greater distance than would be a hair spray but think about those fine microscopic droplets that come out that provides a respiratory effect, restriction in deep-lung breathing and also has a greater coverage as well. The drawback though, is it is more affected by the environment such as wind. With that spray pattern you want to end towards the center of the face and spray up-down. Next category, you have both the Foam and the Gel, ideal for indoor usage. It basically reduced cross-contamination or contamination of unwanted areas, easier to clean up as well. Foam is great because it provides great facial coverage. The drawback of Foam though, is you have a distance of about 8 feet if you want to spray, basically, in a circular motion, towards the center of the face. Gel, a newer product, provides greater range. The spray pattern fires 15 feet and beyond. You want to it to actually deploy the same way you would a Stream delivery system, again that's an ocular saturation spraying, ear-to-ear across the eyes. That's how you use Gel. And last, you have the large Home Fog delivery product, great for protecting yourself against intruders, protecting your property. This product actually fires up to fired 25 feet. The proper way to hold this product is a grip on the bottom of the canister to secured it and then gripping the pistol grip deployment method, removing the safety pin and applying pressure to that yellow deployment actuator when you spray the product. If you have one individual, one intruder, you want to spray up-down, right directly at that person, if you have multiple intruders you want to spray the one that's closest to you and then move the canister side-to-side, this will cover an entire doorway and it deploys up to 25 feet.

    So, what we've learned in this segment is you need to know your spray pattern, you need to know the advantages of that spray pattern, and the point of aim. So maximize your personal safety and that of your family by following these guidelines, knowing your spray pattern and using it appropriately when deploying pepper spray.