Self-Driving Cars Coming Soon?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    A study from IHS Automotive says that by the year 2025 self-driving cars will dominate the nation’s highways.

    Self-driving cars are expected to hit roads around the world before 2025, and when they do watch out!  A new study says that by 2035, nearly 54 million autonomous vehicles will be on the road with predicted annuals sales of around $12 milllion.  The study by IHS Automotive predicts that, by that time, both commercial and personal vehicles in use will be self-driving.  They also expect that accident rates will plunge near zero, probably because we won’t be distracted driving. And they will create less environmental impact because their driving patterns will be geared to reduce emission levels.  The first hurdle, however, will be price.  At first it will be a luxury feature says, IHS, but then the premium will drop to about a grand for entry-level car.