September Garden Tips – Plant Cool Season Vegetables

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Horticulturist Mitch Baker provides some tips for gardening in the moth of september. This video will focus on the cooler fall weather.

    Mitch Baker: Hi! Im Mitch Baker with American Plant. When the weather starts to change from the hot summer months to the cooler fall weather, its the perfect time to plant cool season fall vegetables.

    Were going to be planting this container up today. Well start first by freshening up the soil with some certified organic potting soil. When youre growing edibles, any kind of vegetable, you want to make sure that the soil youre using is free from any kind of synthetic fertilizers or additives.

    So, always look for something thats certified organic. We just want to turn that gently into the existing soil. In this container today, plenty of room to plant a bountiful crop of at least two different vegetables, were going to plant some broccoli and some leaf lettuce.

    So, weve got some lettuce seedlings here, were going to transfer those into the larger container. Well loosen the roots up gently. We want to stimulate rapid root development. Because the soil has been mixed and loosened, Im basically just going to tuck these in by hand, firm them into place. I think five of those will occupy that half of the planter nicely.

    Then some broccoli, same idea here as we loosen up the root slightly. I think were just going to do three broccoli plants in here. Broccoli is a great crop for the fall, because youll get that development of that one large head in the center of the plant. Then long after thats been picked, lots of side shoots will be developing right up until weve had a couple of hard frosts. That wont hurt the broccoli. So, you can continue to harvest those tender parts of the broccoli plant well into the cold weather.

    So, we have three broccoli plants and five of the leaf lettuce. That will give us a bountiful harvest during the fall season. Our last step would be to feed with an organic fertilizer.

    So, were just going to topdress around each of these plants, and well repeat this fertilizer application in four to six weeks just to keep these productive. At this point, all we need to do is water them in.

    By planting your fall vegetables now, youll ensure a great harvest until the weather turns cold. Good luck!