Serving Wine and Strawberry Dessert

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Raymond Steiger owner of Euro Bistro demonstrates how to plate and serve a Strawberry Sabayon dessert.

    Hi, my name is Raymond Steiger and I am going to show how to serve now the Strawberry Sabayon. On one side we can serve it when you it just comes off the stove. We can serve it nice and hot and we just pour it right over the strawberry a little bit. It has a nice sweet flavor what adds on to the taste, and the taste of the Marsala wine, so it is really good. Then the second way to serve it, we take the same sauce, but its cooled off already in the refrigerator and we mix it a little bit with whipped cream to make it a little bit lighter.

    So this one is cold, so we just mix it up, and this one you can have ready to go already in the refrigerator. So, when you need it, then you just add the fresh fruits right in and then you just add it on. You can serve it either, one in a bowl like that or you can put it in a big wine glass or in a big champagne glass and thats the way you serve it. One is on cold and one is with the strawberries or fruit and the hot sauce. So, thats the Strawberry Sabayon, the way usually we serve it.

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