Set Secrets From Mockingjay’s Lead Hair Artist

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Camille Friend had a huge role in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1: making sure everyone’s hair was perfect. Being the lead hair artist on any film is no small task. But considering many of the cast – including Jennifer Lawrence, Elizabeth Banks, and Julianne Moore – were required to wear wigs, Camille had her hands full. Camille discussed her inspiration for each character’s hair, when they decided to put Jennifer in a wig, and how they kept Effie’s colorful essence in the war-themed film. (Don’t worry, though: Camille admits that we can expect a lot of exciting styles for Effie in the film’s second installment.)

    Kirbie Johnson: From Katniss' toned down style to Effie Trinket's over-the-top quaff, The Hunger Games franchise has given us a full spectrum of fabulous hair. Hunger Games lead hair artist Camille Friend is here with me today with an exclusive behind the scenes look at the hair in upcoming film. So thanks so much for joining me Camille!

    Camille Friend: Thank you!

    Kirbie Johnson: Now the first two installments of the movie, it's a little bit more glamorous. You have the girl on fire. Now Mockingjay, parts 1 and 2 which you worked on were in the war.

    Camille Friend: All were in the war.

    Kirbie Johnson: So what was your goal for the hair?

    Camille Friend: Really the goal for the hair was to still keep the hair fashion forward. We are at war times and everything is very, very toned down. But keep like a modern edge to it.

    Kirbie Johnson: Okay, let's talk about Jennifer Lawrence.

    Camille Friend: Okay.

    Kirbie Johnson: Because she wore a wig for this film? Correct?

    Camille Friend: She did.

    Kirbie Johnson: But she had recently just gone blonde and chopped everything off.

    Camille Friend: I met with her and I realized like her hair is cut and it's short and it's like, oh, and at first we talked about giving her extensions but with all the action and she didn't want to color her hair back because it just damages her hair so much. So we were like, okay great, we will get a wig.

    Kirbie Johnson: Now in terms of Effie. She is so loud, she is colorful -Camille Friend: Yes.

    Kirbie Johnson: -- and she has so much character, but she did have to tone it down a little bit. How did you keep her essence in this film?

    Camille Friend: That was a hard one because she is somebody who is so big. Her personality is so full. It's like how we are going to do it? We started just designing all these different scarves and looks and just trying different things, and Elizabeth really got into it. So when we started looking at old stuff from Gucci and Holsten like when women wore scarves all the time, like really fabulous and creating different shapes.

    Kirbie Johnson: Now I noticed that you went with multi-toned gray for President Coin, Julianne Moore. What was the inspiration?

    Camille Friend: Yes, you know, President Coin is like -- she is kind of icy. She is cool. You don't know what's going on behind those eyes, and like when we started like making her wigs, we talked about like the color of a husky, you have all those shades of gray, light, dark, so we were like let's make a wig, with all those tones in it.

    Kirbie Johnson: Okay. Thank you Camille so much for giving us this behind the scenes look, and may the hair odds be ever in your favor.

    Camille Friend: Thank you! I accept.

    Kirbie Johnson: You can catch The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 in theaters, November 21.