Setting Up Your Tailgate Site

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dan from The Tailgating Pros will talk about how to setup your tailgating site.

    Dan Henry

    Dan Henry is a former Food Production Manager who spent 20 years in Hotel prep and banquet kitchens. He has worked with some of the country's top chefs. Dan has also been the Head Chef for his tailgating buddies for all of those years. He has perfected the art of cooking outside for large crowds. He has several published tailgating recipes and has recently started his own website, the

    Dan Henry: Hi! I am Dan from The Tailgating Pros. Right now, we are going to talk about how to set up your site.

    The first thing I would recommend is, try and arrive together. Pick a neutral site, call everybody up, just come into your tailgate, try and meet there, and try and arrive together. There is nothing worse than getting a little parking lot, somebody is in your spot, you have to ask him to leave, or you have to say, you cant park there, somebody else is coming. Try and arrive together, if you can, you can, but try and arrive together.

    Once you get there, breakout your chairs, breakout your canopies, breakout your tables, and get ready. Now, if you told people to come find it, you invite the people to your party. Try to fly a flag up there, so, theyll know where to find you. Tell them the section, look for the American flag in Section N, that way theyll find. Separate all your food, get your table set up, get your cups, your knives, your forks, your spoons, get your condiments down at the opposite end, and the big thing you want to do is you want to stay away from the Head Cook, because everybody knows you dont want to mess around with him. If he needs you, hell call you.

    Get your food, get your plates together, get what you need, and then go over, and help throw something hot on your plate. The other thing, you definitely want to have these trash bags. If you leave a mess in the parking lot, theyll eventually figure it out, and youre not going to be allowed to party there anymore. So, get the trash bags out there, nd take your mess with you. Another thing to remember, were going to be there for four, five, six hours, so, bring something to do, bring a football, we've got some guys over here that are throwing horse-shoes around, there's plenty to do, dont just stand around, and thats how we set up our site.