Sexy Dance Into Fitness

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Certified Personal Trainer Jill Blumberg shows you the basic moves for a fun, fit, and sexy dance workout routine unlike any other!

    Jill Blumberg: Hi! I am Jill Blumberg of Personal Velocity and the home of Rip Tease, The Sexy Woman Workout. Today we are going to be going over the basic moves and the first one that I'll be showing you is called a Hip Circle.

    So I want you to imagine that you are standing inside a box, you are going to move from your waist down only, placing your hands on top of your legs, keeping your knees bent we are going to take our lower body first to the front of the box, then to the left of the box, then to the back of the box and then to the right of the box. Starting again to the front, to the left, to the back, and the right.

    Once you have that you can just smooth it all out. The next basic move is called a Rib Roll. You are going to move from the waist up this time circling your upper body. So you are going to start to the front, you are going to stick your chest forward and then go to the left, take your back to the back of the box, and then come around to the left, and then again, start to the front, to the side, to the back, to the other side.

    The Swirl is basically a combination of the Rib Role and the Hip Circles. So your rib cage goes in one direction and your hips go in the other direction. This one is called the Body Roll.

    If you can imagine yourselves standing in front of a wall, you're going to bring your forehead to the wall that's right in front of you. Take your forehead away and bring your nose to the wall, take your nose away and bring your chin to the wall, take your chin away and bring your chest to the wall, take your chest away and bring your hips to the wall, and then lastly bring your quads to the wall, and then you eventually can smooth it out. I'm going to show you a simple combination.

    Okay, first move we are going to step right, tap left, step and tap, step and tap again, step, now march it back, just march it back. Okay, next step, we are going to take our hips side-to-side. Okay, so just kind of move your arms naturally hip side-to-side, now two to the left two, two, two to each side.

    Next move, you are going to hop, shake your shoulders, hop and shimmy, hop and shimmy, hop and shimmy. Okay. Now we are going to put those three things together. So step tap, hip single, single, double, single, single two, hop shimmy move back 4, 3, 2, and march.

    Okay, so that's the first three counts of eight. The last thing we are going to do is 5, we are going to pose, okay, so anything goes, okay, so just strike a pose, pose, pose, pose, pose, pose, pose, pose, and pose. Okay. So, we are going to do two poses and then after we do two poses we are going to shake our shoulders.

    I am going to show you what the finalities the final product of all our 32 combinations looks like when you put it all together and if you want to, do it in high heels and ready here we go.