Shampooing and Conditioning Hair

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Hair stylist Anissa King demonstrates how to shampoo and condition ethnic hair.

    Benisa King: Hi! I'm Benisa King and we are doing coloring, highlighting, conditioning of ethnic hair. We are now at the part where we are shampooing and conditioning the hair. You want to use a neutralizing shampoo to neutralizes the hair and bring the pH balance up to normal, especially if the hair has been chemically treated previously. You want to keep that hair conditioned as such as possible. Sometimes take them back under the dryer for about 15-10, 15 minutes will do an extra deep conditioning right after 0:38 sometimes just a good massage in keeping that conditioner on as long as possible, but that way of hair down. So here we go. You are removing the foils and you should see the orangey, yellowy tone that comes up for your highlights and then you water 1:10 straight because you do not want this foil to 1:11 it. You may prefer the usual gloves at this point for shampooing the color because it is a darker color. Me, I chose not to have gloves because I can t feel the hair and turn the hair in whether it is a really strong or moistly, you want to be able feel that before you go into the next step of toning. You want to rinse the color out as much as possible before adding your shampoo, cleaning all the whitener out also. Taking your neutralizing shampoo and try to neutralize that hair pH balance back; this is the best part of the getting your hair done as far as you client is concerned so you do want to shampoo, doing a little massage also while you are at it. Now, the vigorous shampoo second time just to make sure we got all well. Like I said conditioning during these processes are really, really important. So, we are going to condition her hair using the heavy moisturizer conditioner right before we add her toner just so the rest of that hair can be conditioned before we add another chemical to it. Hair can never ever be over conditioned.