Shark Behavior Basics

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Safety Expert Scott Konger discusses what shark behavior basics.

    Scott Konger: Hello! My name is Scott Konger and I'm the owner of the Tarpon Springs Aquarium. Okay, now we're going to discuss learning more about sharks.

    Well, a good place to learn about sharks is at your local aquarium. Typically, your aquariums have sharks and they have marine biologists that work there and they have experience with sharks and they can answer a lot of your questions. So don't be afraid to ask questions when you visit your aquarium and lot times they are more than happy to share some of their knowledge with you.

    Shark attacks are extremely rare and there are probably millions of opportunities for sharks to bite people where they don't. It's probably less than one out of a million where a shark actually has an opportunity to bite and actually does follow through and bite somebody. So, it's a extremely rare occurrence. They say they have a greater chance of being struck by lighting while you're swimming than you do being bitten by a shark while you're swimming.

    So that just shows you there is pretty -- most of us when we go swimming we're not concerned about being struck by lighting. The same is the case with sharks. I think, if we use some common sense and like we say don't swim among bait, and when we're bleeding stay out of the water. Of course, if there is known that there would be sharks in the area, stay out of the water as well, that you can safely enjoy swimming at the beach with really very little worry of being bitten by a shark.