Short Hair Style – Audrey Hepburn Crop

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Hair Stylist Mary Clendaniel demonstrates the Audrey Hepburn Crop.

    Mary Clendaniel: Hi! I am Mary Clendaniel and today we are working with short hair, unleashing the versatility of your short hair. Today with Hailey, our young model, we are going to be working on a close crop Audrey Hepburn style sophisticated do. So we have already prepped Hailey's hair with a moisturizing, color enhancing shampoo and conditioner. We are going to go ahead in with a styling cream that has a very little hold but a lot of shine. It's really important with short hair to keep your color shiny. Nothing too high contrast, work the shine of your short hair. It really shows off the texture. So working that cream in from roots to ends all the way through her hair. Alright. So we are going to ahead and blow dry Hailey's hair. I am using my blow dryer on high heat and high air. It's really important that you have a nozzle attachment to your blow dryer. The nozzle directs the air flow and makes it both more powerful and more controlled. So I am following the natural head shape of Hailey. Over directing the hair forward onto her face. The easiest way to do this is to keep the blow dryer on the hand, the side you are working on and just lean into it. I am disregarding which side Hailey is going to part her hair on and we are just working both sides equally. Take extra care to pull the hair out around the ears. That's going to give you a little bit of extra fullness in through the sides. Hair tends to get caught up around the ears and get a little bit -- You only want to keep your blow dryer on high heat and high air when you are moving pretty quickly through the hair. If you find yourself lingering in one slot too long, go ahead and take it down to more like a medium, and it will reflect the condition of your hair. Now I am working across the opposite side of where Hailey naturally parts her hair. She has got a little bit of a cowlick in the side and by pushing the hair down and across her forehead, opposite of where her cowlick is lined, we will get a much more consistent finish. Now that she is very nearly dry, I am going to go ahead and let it start settling into her part line. Now Hailey has hair that's a little bit dehydrated and it's extremely thick. So a challenge she often has is that her hair gets a little bit fluffy looking. So her inclination is to use more products. What you can do instead is as you get to the point where you are about 75% dry, go ahead and use a comb instead of a round brush and follow the head shape forward with your comb. So again you are going to have the hair blow dryer in the hand of the side you are working on and just follow the comb with the air. That's going to collapse the shape and put a lot more shine in without too much spin. Now as I am working her part in there, I am taking a very deep side part. When you begin working on the side that you usually part your hair on, if you over direct further than you are going to part it, when you lay your parting, you will have a lot more volume on both sides, again just for a more consistent feel.

    Many people have a little bit of extra curl and texture at the nape of the neck. It can be a hard thing to manage for yourself. So an easy way to come back that is to reach up and drag your hair forward and run behind it with the blow dryer. So you are going to bring that hair at the nape forward, almost towards your ear and that will help pull out any extra curl or unwanted texture you may have. If your hair cut isn't quite this short, you can still use this technique and then at the very last moment sweep your longer fringe over to the side. Hailey is just about 100% dry. I am going to go ahead and flip my blow dryer down to medium heat and medium power. Alright. She is all dry. I am going to use two products to finish Hailey. Our first product is a cream, Shine Pomade, it doesn't have a lot of stick to it and it has almost a fluorescent finish. You don't want anything that has too oily, that has the consistency more like a jelly. You want something that's just going to move through the hair without making it too sticky. By the same token, anything that has more of a matte, white texture will just away all the shine that just you have created. So staring in the back, I am working that shine all the way through Hailey's hair from roots to ends. Again continuing our forward motion. I am working it in, in amounts that are about the size of a half of pea. Just a little bit. If you can see the product on your hands, you have got too much. Work it in in small batches and it will help keep from any gumminess or lack of control. So once I have worked that through all of Hailey's hair, that's what's really going to take down our frizz and make sure we don't have any fly-aways. I am moving on to a high intensity shine product. So this is going to give us extreme luminescence for almost no hold. Very, very shiny, very soft. But again nothing too oily with too much silicon or greasiness. By the end of the day a product that has that kind of texture is just going to make it look like you need to wash your hair. So then very softly just using my own aesthetic of what I want to see on her face shape. I am just gently taking it down with the tips of my fingers. How much lift you leave the crop with is really up to you and what you are looking for. Go with what your hair wants to do. It's really important with short hair that you have the versatility to work the shades and whatever hair, whatever direction your hair wants to go in that day, keeping the lines of your cut a little more pointed, a little bit more feminine, only increase that versatility.

    So as you can see Hailey still has quite a few fly-aways around her hairline and I really like for her to be working an extremely sleek shape around her face. So what I am going to do with a little bit of hairspray on my comb, now this is a light hold hair spray, nothing too sticky. Come forward towards me dear, I am just going to smooth down those fly-aways with the edge of my comb.

    So that completes our modern Audrey Hepburn Sleek Crop. Coming up next, we are going to unleash the texture in Hailey's hair and take her from day time to night time.

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