Short Hair Style – Formal Updo

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Hair Stylist Mary Clendaniel demonstrates the short hairstyle, the formal Updo.

    Mary Clendaniel: I am Mary Clendaniel, and today we are doing three different looks for short hair and we have take Hailey for her night time look. Now we are going to take her to a formal event. One of the biggest challenges with short hair is its versatility and a lot of people feel like they don't have a good option for being a bridesmaid for a formal black tie event. So we are going to take Hailey's hair and do something just a little bit more formal. The first trick with sculpting hair, short hair into something more like an up do is making sure you have got a good base of product. So to this point, Hailey has a light styling spritz in her hair and quite a bit of hairspray. If you want to do this look, I would definitely suggest following our first trick of hitting the hair with the blow dryer and hairspray simultaneously. After you have already dried it with a little bit of styling spray just go back through with the hairspray and the blow dryer at the same time to give yourself a nice foundation to work with. Flip your head upside down and work it through. Hailey has already got quite a bit of products in her, so I am just going to put a bit more of a matte pomade, this is quite a strong wax into my hands. You never want to go at short hair with clean hands. If you have already got product in your hair, and you hit it with clean hands, the product is going to adhere to your clean hands, and just going to pull it out and make it deflate. So going in with a bit of product onto my hands, I am just going to work it from roots to ends to break up some of her previous style. And there is two basic ways you can go about sculpting short hair into and up do. The first thing you want to make sure you do is get quite a bit of volume happening in the crown, that up do look, what's such a big part of it is that extra volume that you get from having hair pushed up to the crown. You can do that with short hair. You just need to lift that at the roots, all through the back.

    So once we have got that height, I am just going to go through with the large end of a comb and pick up at random, several sections of her hair and just back comb a slightest bit. Now back-combing is not quite like teasing, it's not like that old school ratting where you are going to work the hair and work the hair. That kind of a technique will really rip your hair apart and start to compromise your elasticity. So we are just going to gently slide down just enough to get the roots something to grip on to. Hailey has a little bit of a cowlick right in through here that tends to make her hair want to split. So on both sides of that cowlick, I am just doing some back combing to give us a good strong foundation. Now it's really just about sculpting. Again, I am feeling my hands starting to get a little bit too clean. So I am just working a bit more product almost into my fingertips to make sure that I have the most control possible. I am just going to literally sculpt her hair into shape. Starting with the sides, taking it back and around her ears, using a small bobby pin. I am going to catch the loose hair around her ear and slide it back and her hair is pretty thick. So I am going to go ahead and do it with a second bobby pin as well, just catch, catch the hair and slide it straight back. I am going to finish immediately with a firmer-hold hairspray.

    I am now repeating the same thing on the other side. So I really like all the extra length that Hailey has in through the top. So I am going to hit it with the curling iron. Just a little bit to give it a bit more softness. The first thing you want to make sure you do is take up sections at random. If your sections get too regular or too defined, you start to get in danger of that old fashioned roller set look. So I am just going to pick up a hunk at random, close the curling iron on it about three quarters of an inch from the roots and just give it one quick turn, back and away from her face.

    And it's quite a thick piece of hair. So you want to leave it on for a moment to make sure that it stays. The thicker the piece of hair, the longer you want to leave the curling iron in. So just setting in, it's quite a firm curl at this point. Don't worry, we are going to break it up. But you want it to have that stiff texture so that it has that extra control. If you are going at it on yourself, you are going to lift, slide the curling iron in and just rotate three quarters of a turn, back towards the crown of your head. Keeping those sections irregular almost overlapping, just enough to give her a little more texture or I should say, give her texture, a little more softness. So I am putting in probably about five to six sections in through the top and how I am deciding where I am going to put the curling iron is really visual. There are parts of her hair that are a little curvier than others and parts that are sitting very straight in more of an aggressive texture. Those ones that are looking just that little bit of extra straight, I am tucking under with the curling iron.

    So from where we are, we have a good silhouette working, but it still looks like a a more aggressive texture than I want to work with. So I am just going to put a light shine spray into my hands. So we have moved away from the sticky pomade and the sticky hairspray and in breaking up these curls, I have something much, much softer on my hands which is going to leave us with a much softer texture. So between my hands and the comb, I am just going to work her into something that looks a bit more like an up do.

    When in doubt, hairspray on the edge of your comb, just use that to help you sculpt the hair. This is a great trick for second day hair, the cleaner your hair, the harder working the hair into a more sculpted shape can be. So if you are going to a wedding and trying to sculpt your hair into an up do, don't wash it, keep it a little grungy. Now, I am smoothing the back of her hair, but I am trying to be careful to keep that extra bit of lift and almost taper it down a little bit more at the nape of her neck. We want that again, illusion of the up do height and I am just connecting those curls into the side. Now we want her to be dance-proof. So I am going to finish the whole look with our Firm-Hold hairspray. At this point, your hair shouldn't really feel like hair anymore and that's okay. It means it will last all night. So this is our short hair up do suitable for any formal event.

    I want to thank you for watching.