Should I adopt a cat or a kitten?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Bridget Speiser of the Washington Humane Society discusses if you should adopt a cat or a kitten.

    Host: Should I adopt a cat or a kitten?

    Bridget Speiser: Cats versus Kittens, kittens are of course abundant and certainly in the spring time when you are at your shelter or your rescue group you be may see a whole lot of new adorable kittens and certainly nobody will ever tell you that any kitten is not the cutest thing they ever saw, but you do need to consider that kittens do require a whole lot of extra attention as opposed to a mature cat. So as you are moving forward, really think to yourself whether you do have the patience, a kitten will definitely try your patience, whether you do have the time, when you are looking at kittens, it is really sometimes a matter of quantity of time as well, kittens are very, very, very needy, they do really, wonderfully love to be with you all the time. So a kitten does require more of your actual physical time. When you are looking at a cat, a cat can be more steady in their personality, certainly they can be more independent in the way that people sort of view cats as being. So they don't require so much kind of one on one quantity of time and that may suit you better. Your shelter staff may also recommend to you that if you are really interested in a kitten, in really raising a kitten from the start that you will maybe want to consider two kittens, and that is so that the two kittens can have themselves to play with and to guide themselves so that would be a further consideration for you to really think through, if you really are thinking kitten versus cat.