Should I ask questions at the end of an interview?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Louise Kursmark talks about how to ask questions at the end of an interview.

    Host: Should I ask questions at the end of an interview?

    Louise Kursmark: You absolutely need to ask questions at the end of an interview and that comes in as part of your preparation. Before you ever go for that interview, look at what you know about the job and about the department, the company, the industry and so forth. As I have mentioned, doing that research, you are going to come up with some questions and jolt those down. You can go into the interview with a nice leather portfolio that is going to allow you to have your questions nicely presented, easy for you to access just by flipping open the portfolio. Be ready with those questions.

    During the interview you might get the opportunity, some other questions will come up in your mind because of something the interviewer has told you. Jolt those down on your pad, so when the time comes to ask questions, you are going to have a good fund of questions. You are going to ask the ones that are most important to you, the ones that the interview has not addressed and the ones that are going to give the most insight into the position in the company. But do not make the mistake of going in without prepared questions because as a natural consequence of being nervous, it will be very difficult for you to think of one on the spot, if you have not done your homework ahead of time.