Should I call a potential employer if I don’t hear back from them after an interview?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Career counselor Karen Chopra recommends calling a potential employer a week or so after an interview to follow up.

    Host: Should I call a potential employer if I don't hear back from them after an interview?

    Karen Chopra: In this day and age it is unfortunately all too common for companies not to call back after an interview. What you should do is give them a week, maybe ten days after the interview and then call back and say I just wanted to touch base. Have you filled the position? If not, is there anything that I can tell you that might help you select me as the candidate and clients are often surprised that I will say call and call and call again, every week to ten days until they tell you they have filled the position or indicate they are no longer interviewing for the position.

    You are entitled to know whether the job has been filled, so feel free call on a regular basis. Don't stock them. You are not going to call every day but you can call every couple of weeks until you know what's going on with the position and don't be surprised, it can take sometimes weeks. I have seen it take months before a position has been filled and the candidate has been under consideration the entire time.

    So sometimes you are touching base and calling back and saying I am still interested. I really like the company. I am interested in the opportunity that let's them know while they are waiting and dithering and making their decision that you are one of the candidate that they need to take seriously because you really want the job. So by all means follow up by phone as often it seems proven to you.

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