Should I call the doctor if I can’t get my baby to stop crying?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Assistant Professor of Pediatrics Dr. Ann Kellams suggests ways to get your baby to stop crying, and when it’s time to call the doctor.

    Dr. Ann Kellams: Hi, I am Dr. Ann Kellams with the University of Virginia Health System. I am a Pediatrician. We are going to talk about reasons to call the baby's doctor.

    Host: Should I call the doctor if I can't get my baby to stop crying?

    Dr. Ann Kellams: So with crying, it's very normal for babies to cry and if you add up the amount of time that a typical newborn would cry in a 24 hour period, it can be as much as three to four hours. However, it's usually not all at the same time. So if you get to the point where your baby is crying, it has been two or three hours, you have tried everything on the list including feeding the baby, checking the diaper, swaddling the baby, rocking around, patting, whatever you are doing and maybe something to suck and this baby will not stop crying, is inconsolable then we recommend a call to the baby's doctor.