Should I give favors to my guests?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Wedding planner Kay Williams gives her take on giving favors to wedding guests.

    Host: Should I give favors to my guest?

    Kay William: I believe if you have taken the time to send the invitations out, to invite these people that you call your guests which usually are your friends and family then you should give them something, and by saying thank you.

    Not just by mailing them a 'thank-you letter' a month later; give them something. Maybe a portrait of you and your fianc or you and your husband now or maybe a beautiful, if they are special to you, a nice charm bracelet; you can order them. They can be real nice little bracelets with the time and date for your wedding. Give them a nice pen, pencil holder pen but don't give them a teak pen give them a simple pen and nife so they can use in their business or in their daily life, that they would hold it for ever.

    It's important to give your guests nice party favors but be different what your guests at the table and your high table; your high table, you know, your bridesmaids, your grooms, your buddy, the best man who has been with you for a long time. You choose them, they are there for reason. So buy them nice stuff, you can buy them a nice watch; give them a spa date for you and the girls. Put in the spa date - we are going to the spa for this, write it down here and invite them places; it might as well be a nice robe, a nice beautiful robe, not a cheap robe and a nice cotton robe, nice sandals or slippers you know their gift piece, because they are your good friend.

    So you have to define between your regular guests and your high-table guests the people you really are close to, your party, wedding party; buy them gifts and put it in nice decorative bags. As you are going to buy a lets say your father-in-law a watch give him in the case, burgundy or black put the watch in there, put it into the box, Tiffany's if you are going to use Tiffany's which is a little expensive, if you use bags and boxes m you are going to buy something for them, maybe a little charm, maybe a little crystal dish or a little cane dish those things are different.

    You need to buy your guests something; this is like telling them, "Thank you for coming to enjoy the event with me," don't let them leave empty handed.