Should I have a destination wedding?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Wedding planner Christina Taylor discusses how to prepare for your big day, including how to plan a destination wedding.

    Host: Should I have a destination wedding?

    Christina Taylor: Destination weddings are difficult. They are very nice, very fun. I have planned them in the Bahamas and Las Vegas. They are very fun event. The only reason that they are very difficult to plan is that you are not obviously within the same city as where your event is going to take place. So co ordination over the phone and via email is somewhat difficult unless you do a lot of the planning upfront and go and visit the facility and get everything out of the way when you are actually at that initial visit. The other thing that makes it very difficult is that it is a major burden for the guests. You have to really be considerate of who you are going to be inviting to the wedding, whether they can make it or not? And that you are not asking them to have a huge expense to come to your wedding. A lot of times what I have seen happened is that if the bride and groom want to have a small intimate wedding, it is a nice thing to have a destination wedding. They invite their closest friends and family and they turn their wedding into a mini vacation, so that it is not just that people are paying thousands of dollars to go to their wedding but they are actually going on a mini vacation as well with friends and family that would enjoy a long weekend or week with.